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LiveJournal for King Taylor.

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Thursday, October 6th, 2005

Time:10:43 pm.
ps dave isnt really coming with me to o town. sorry dave, but i already have 4 people in my car and i kinda just said that cause they were drunk idiots.
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Time:9:38 pm.
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and my real secret talent is bullshitting.

so last time i saw katie she asked me if i was attracted to her. i'm kinda like what the fuck 'cause yeah i'm attracted to her but i didnt think i'd have to say it. i mean i did ask her out and i'm not the type of person to do something like that just for shits and giggles. so what the fuck ever

I work tomorrow night until closing so fuck off and leave me alone in the dark while i smoke cloves and act all depressed cause i'm so goddamn emo
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Monday, October 3rd, 2005

Time:6:41 pm.
"Buy the ticket, take the ride"

-Hunter S Thompson

Apply as you may.

So I went to the gym for a short time and I was wishing Katie was there and then she was it was way cool. blub blub like fishes.

Then I was like;;;;;;;llllllllkkkkkkkk,,,,,,,,...

Man, I wanted to chill with leeskers but ididnt and now its like a regret. Tomorrow I work and Saturday I want to go to Sunny's/ its a month ago and I want to go to Sunny's really bad.
Now it's a few years ago and I despise drug use and counterculture.

Good luck.
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Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

Time:10:28 pm.
so yeah if mike or sunny read this i just want to say i got you neggas I got you so fuckin good. hahahahahahahahahahahaha
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Time:10:27 pm.
Every time I log into FUCK YOU it's like a big FUCK YOU adventure into FUCKland.
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Time:9:51 pm.
I'm king Konga in the underworld with fire hate hat cap. in the middle of my forehead like a shark or yeah that's it a shark a hammerhead shark with lots of vicious little teeth all nib nibbling on my face and ears. that bleed form loud visions. If i saw images in the dark I wonder if they'd be scary. like an overdose. Schools turning me into a hate mongerer because it's full of assholes and ignorance. It's cool whatever. I want to enter into the nether-realm in my dreams to poach animals of a fierce nature. I want to get into a battle with them and get all scared and stuff. And i'd be like the hulk as I fought them and won getting larger and larger as i went. Then i'd come crashing through this forest towards this castle and defeat the nether realm king and rule his world for years and years and seconds forever. Forever until his heir came to kill me and I'd be like a machine beast by them buff buffing smoke and ooze leaking all the oils and blood out my body like filth and we'd battle in an arena. and my oppenent would be a gallant prince with a spear of light. and i would lose and i would die. but i would still be king. then i'd go floating into the big merzky starry river that all the dead are heaved into and then they'd raise me up like they were wolves and they would be wolves with eyes all wild and spirit so free that then had like no pack to contain them and then they'd make a twin form my blood and when the time came we'd battle for the land and i'd cry because one of me would have to die again and never come back up the river to the city made of light and full of the sound of delicious horns all toot tooting in glory of the forever king that got all starry and old so that his bones were weak and his mind had come to rot but he still held on to the things he once knew. then he would concede but i'd still be sad and we'd be friends and we could walk in the purest of all the lights in the land to know truth in all earnestness but then i'd have to crash back into mayself and regret the ending so we could walk all over again . and yeah it be nice until the end which would be one hell of a buzz kill. So I was looking at Hunter S thompons in wikipedia and he really was this wild man, and i think it was totally cool. and i've been looking at basquait and steadman and some others and I really wish i could see the things they saw but inverness is full of people who dont want to help me. and people i dont want to ask for help. And god all mighty jeb i just might do it. lets do stuff like basquait.

Please excuse me for grammacal ers.
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Saturday, October 1st, 2005

Time:1:15 pm.
Taylor has 6/7 of the entire sweatshirt collection. Taylor likes to sleep in jimmies in my bed, and by jimmies I mean jimmie-cap. That's a handsome lil' fella raincoat. "Don't you look at me with those adulterous eyes, fagmo." I have a girlfriend you know who the fuck she is and you snow on my brake. Red block clockwise, makeout cockwise. Neon globe, Rand McNally. I have a boisterous laugh. Shits fucked up. I'm sleepin' in Cameron's bed but it's cool whatever. "Get those offa my arm." The J-rod or Jared. STOP. Hammer-time. STOP. Andy is left bicep. STOP. Lee is left quadrapod. STOP. Cameron is center pectoral. STOP. Orlando, city of lights, dirty underwear floors, and house of silent partying, I was unaware at the time of the connotations of my actions. A slave of indifference and apathy. My thoughts betrayed the sound. I couldn't stop it. Out of Reach. Dying Slowly. Shut. Taylor ate the dog's woodchips and now he's even HUNGrier. Woodchips, Woodchips everywhere but not a drop to drink. The dog barks at the park, at the dark, at Mark. Mark has long hair and no goatee. I wish he did. Then I could marry him. Mamma told me not to ever marry a man without a goatee, not even a beard. She says they turn into goblins after 40: trolls at 60; gnomes at 140. Gnomes. Gnomes....Gnomes...No mezz, I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request, I ain't got your biscuit and I ain't got your money. FUCK YOU. Man FUCK YOU! I barfed on a car and then I drank a milkshake. All in Orlando. Then I ate X and punched a dog.
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Friday, July 22nd, 2005

Subject:Nikki ol'
Time:8:26 pm.
Tomorrow We sas gwyna hang out wit Nicole Bruer. Yipp Yipp Yippy. Get your bones Jumped!
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Sunday, July 17th, 2005

Time:6:22 pm.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I have too much free time, but soon I'll have a job I think.
If I get a call saturday I'll deffinately have a job.
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Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

Time:11:33 pm.
Oh yeah, I also got my license. Too bad I'm too retarded to really drive, so I'll probably end up crashing and dying in some ditch before the week is over. God I am such a fuck.

Also, I have a small penis.
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Time:11:02 pm.
I haven't updated in a long ass time.
Today I went into the Fortuner to get some food. Sunny was there, and asked what I was going. I told her I was going to get some food, but decided I was too cheap. Then she said "Taylor you are such a fucking pussy, I am going to have to kick your ass right now!!!" and I was like "Yeah right, bitch!". I didn't think that skinny ho could take me down, but oh how wrong I was. She started smashing plates over my head, and it hurt like a mother fucking bitch! I tried to fight back, but then she started to bust out the karate moves and nailed me right in the ball sack!
It was pretty much over from there. The last thing I remember is getting my face pounded into the table over and over, and then I woke up in the hospital three days later.
So that's why I haven't updated.
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Saturday, June 4th, 2005

Subject:In case you missed it..
Time:2:39 pm.
I went to Boy scout camp. Its this place around Ocala called Camp La No Che. Anyways I had a fucking balls out good time. Andy, Matharoo and I were liked the baddest fucking gang of scouts that ever roamed that fucking shit hole camp. We took simple merit badge courses like pottery and sculpture, theater, windsurfing and shotgun shooting. In pottery and sculpture we fucked around with clay the whole time and made a total mess. The counsellor didnt care; he realized why we took the course. In theater the counsellor was this guy named Richie and he was the lankiest mother fucker around. It was the funniest fucking thing ever to see him move. Anyways he was pretty cool he understood right away that the three of us were the bad scouts of our troop and that we really have no conscience let alone have the will to good toward other fuckbags. I fucked around the whole time i was in theater and made Richie laugh so he didnt stop us from doing mean shit to the other scouts. In wind surfing we pretty much did whatever because the counsellor was fifteen and just didnt watch us at all (i pretended to be deaed for several minutes in the water and no one did a damn thing to help me). Shotgun shooting was fun because i got to shoot a shotgun. duh. But outside the classes was the best. The three of us pretty much did shit to start fights with the worlds biggest pussies as it turns out. I remember calling a kid a "fucking twat" and him just walking on giving me a dirty disdainful look. And this other kid had on a purple shirt that had his troop number on it so i said, "Troop 662 what a bunch of FAGS with ther gay ass purple shirts" (oh how creative I was). He also just gave me a dirty look granted he was only eleven or twelve though. Shit I'm ballsy. Right? right? On our way back to our campsite we saw these kids hacking up wood obviously for a fire and we asked them why because with lighted pavillions and hot summer nights it didnt make sense to have a fire. Anyways they told us something then as we were walking away one of the little fuckers called me an idiot so we turned around all serious and were like what did you say did you just call me and idiot and they kind of shied away like they didnt mean for me to hear it and they dint want trouble. Now do a little rewind, The night before this me and Andy took a shit in this pavillion and kids were walking through it like it wasnt ther but omg did it stink (almost like the elephant portion of the zoo before the zoo keeper cleans out the tons of shit in there). So later after we walked away form the kids and it turned dark Andy Matharoo and I took one of their hachets and scooped up some of the shit from the pavillion and returned the hatchet. We also pissed on one of their shower benches and a door to one of their shower stalls, and we took these pliers they were using to turn on the water and adjust the temperature with and put them on the ground of the other shower stall and took a shit on them (this opportunity arose because the pottery and sculpture counsellor wanted ust o go back to camp and get a clipboard we borrowed, he let all three of us go and didnt give us a time limit to be gone, oh what a fucking fool for trusting us) That was troop 40 btw. Some other troop, I don't know the number, got in trouble for throwing pine cones at one of our younger scouts; Andy and Matharoo tried to make it worse by singling out and confronting the scouts that did it when the went to get a drink from the water fountain away fronm their troop. During shotgun shooting me and Andy met they perfect example for we some kids should/shouldn't be home schooled. The kid was like a fucking retard he laughed at the lamest things like a two year old would and he could read at about the same level of a two year old, and he seemed incredibly simple and incapable of any complex problem solving. Andy and I stole these nasty ass fucking pork rines that his "grandma made special" for him. Fucking queer ass retarded cunt. In our own troop we made fun of this kid Scott (he goes to Citrus but I doubt you've noticed him; he's going out with that ugly ass bitch with vitiligo that ran for sophomore treasurer and said dumbass ignorant shit about prom and fixing school dances). He is a lame ass fuckmoe who thinks he's cool and everything in his world is cool. He listens to lame ass shit heavy metal that is basically a school house rock on fagroids (steroids that would cause something to become incredibly gay), and he like retaded ass manga with horrible fucking storylines and art work. Andy and I insulted him and he fucking spazzed out over pretty much his own stupidity, e.g. Me: "Only a fag would get a Strawberry Kiwi slushie." (which he was drinking) Scott: "Yeah, a fag with good taste." Me: "What the fuck, you basically just agreed with me you fucking fagot.",
after that he got really pissed because we said he searched for "cum on chair" in google or yahoo which isn't a lie he's just that fucked up. The younger scouts kind of look up to us (I don't know why) and one of them seemed to be trying to impress us. He said a bunch of really fucked up things about fooling around with chicks and playing sexual games at parties. He was lying or at least I hope he was. Andy and Sean told him they thought he was lying and he got really pissed and went to his tent and when he eventually came out he had a knife. That kid scares us. On the first night we were there though we set a tone for things by all getting into one shower (with our bathing suits on of course) and making a hell of a lot of noise. The Scout masters flipped out on us for "making too much noise" but we all knew that it was because the younger scouts started to call us fags and the scout masters hate it when we act gay like that. We had a balls to the walls good fucking time. Now I need a job.

Your disgusting cunt is like a moldy ass fucking turkey sandwich with way too much mayonnaise.
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Friday, May 20th, 2005

Subject:God Almighty
Time:10:30 pm.
So Fuck, I hate school. I really just want to fall asleep at that goddamn place its so boring. Fucking classes are cocksores because of fuckwads who have some kind of goddamn mental block that doesn't allow them to reason for two fucking seconds. And I've been getting headaches which doesn't help anything. And now the seniors are gone which kinda sucks.

I saw Revenge of the Sith thursday night. It was totally balls out fucking awesome! OMG, that had to be the best star wars flick ever. I damn near jizzed in my fucking pants when the troopers betrayed Ki-Adi-Mundi(the dude with the tall dildo head). I was like Holy Fuck. But Jared and Cameron were fuckmoes for going there right after school, shit that would have been so goddamn boring to sit there for nine hours. Thanks for saving me from hell Sunny.

My mom went out of town for a week. She gave me the key to her house, and I wish I could throw a party there. I know the neighbors would call the cops, though. And my mom buys really expensive shit to hang on the walls which I know would end up broken or chipped or some shit like that that would cause her to flip out and beat me to death with a belt. So I guess I'll just mow the lawn or some shit.

You ever want to scream in pain as loud as you can then have you face turn red and throw up your esophogus and trachea and lungs and just all sorts of bile just because you have nothing to do?
Yeah, well you're a sick fucking bastard.
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LiveJournal for King Taylor.

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You're looking at the latest 13 entries.